Hey there! Thanks for visiting this blog. As a kid, I have always been fond of collecting memories through writing and photos which is why I decided to create this blog as my creative outlet.

I have always been an introverted child. I spent most of my childhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with my parents. It was a conservative and strict country which limits my freedom. I never got to experience what most children did back there. But regardless of this nation’s strict policies, I still had the best time there.



We moved back here in the Philippines for good when my mom was conceiving my younger brother, Karlo. We spent a year at our new home located in Magalang and there I attended Bloomingfields School. Our time there was fleeting. Due to personal reasons that cannot be revealed in the worldwide web, my parents decided to separate.

I’ve been living with Karlo and mom here at Angeles City for nine years now. Since then, I went to Angeles University Foundation for my studies. In that school, I have found my lifelong friends.

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I am currently taking up Occupational Therapy under the College of Allied and Medical Professions. My course aims to help people in need, specifically those who are differently abled from us.

I am currently a writer in our department’s paper “OT Box” and this blog would feature all of my thoughts, opinions, and stories–all in one place. Also, I would like to further improve and grow as a writer as it is one of the things I do so often.

I hope you enjoy reading through this blog as I did creating it!

– Kahmil xx