A Letter to my 15 Year-Old Self


Hey there, Kahmil.

You’re currently in your 3rd year of high school and all you have figured out in your life right now is your debut. I know you’ve been searching all over the internet for beautiful gowns and locations for your 18th birthday but trust me, A LOT can go wrong during your celebration.

First off, your pre-debut photoshoot would be canceled twice as your makeup artist has set another appointment on your chosen date for shoot (I know, I’m quite pissed too). The second time it was canceled was because of your health emergency. The day before your next shoot, you bled… like a lot. But you’re fine.

Second, you have chosen the most beautiful gown yet! It’s off-white and you would look like a bride straight off of a story book. But only a few weeks left before your debut, your makeup artist tells you that you can’t use that particular gown and you would go for another one that looks a tad bit similar to the first one. It’s pink. But you look beautiful in it.

Lastly, you know how during your birthday there would always be typhoons? Guess what— this typhoon is a HUGE one. Some guests weren’t able to come but nevertheless, many showed up and it was a blast! Buuut, two of your best-est friends in college weren’t able to show up because their area was experiencing heavy rains. But don’t worry, they really wanted to go and even arranged a surprise party for you three days after your birthday.

You are enrolled under the Occupational Therapy program and I know that at this age, you haven’t got any clue as to what this program’s about. Basically, you enable people with special needs to cope with their situation. It would definitely be a difficult journey, but it would be a fruitful one.

You’re probably listing the qualities you want in your future boyfriend (tall, must be British, knows how to play a musical instrument, etc.) with your best friend, Renee. But you know what? You won’t be able to find a duplicate of Zayn Malik (nor will Renee on finding her very own Niall Horan— she ends up with Josh *wink*). I know. It’s a bummer. But hey! You have a great guy in your life right now and guess what? He plays the guitar. *another wink!*

So you may want to know ALL the details of your soon-to-be boyfriend. You met him in your class as you are both enrolled in the same course. You two started off as friends and you were even his wingman! After a year of ups and downs with him, you two finally end up together. It won’t be easy, but you’ll definitely be happy. And oh, he’s a great basketball player. The girls love him but he’s only got his eyes for you.

Kahmil, enjoy your remaining days at high school because a few years after, some of your batchmates whom you never thought you’d be close to would be one of your closest friends now. And they’d always have your back, especially when things get hard.

Things are going great here. Just have fun. You’ll be okay.

Love, K.


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