My Skincare Routine

“Kidults”, as I’ve learned in my Human Growth and Development class, refer to people who are neither kids nor adults. These people are the ones in their late adolescent period and from this period to middle adulthood, people are at their physical peak which means that they’re at their best physical state in their lives. 

Now at 18, I’ve become more mindful of my skin and body. I do what I can to take care of it but refrain from applying too much products on my skin. Listed below are all the products that I use for my skincare which I usually apply at night. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

I apply this twice a day— morning and night. I use it all over my body as it helps dry skin and this is quite beneficial for me because I acquire stretch marks easily. This moisturizing cream is unscented and it doesn’t clog your pores. This is also a perfect cream to use if you are allergic as it doesn’t harm you in any way. 
Clarifying Toner

I apply this toner at night after shower on both my face and neck. Clarifying toners help dry up oil, tighten pores, and prevent blemishes from forming. Make sure to apply a moisturizer afterwards if you are dry skinned. I wait for 10-15 minutes before applying the last product on my face. 

Sunflower Beauty Oil

This is the last product that I use every night. I put 2 drops on my hand and apply it on my face. When applying on my cheeks, I do a circular motion. I use an upward motion when applying it on my forehead. After distributing it evenly on my face, I use both hands to spread it all over again on my entire face. Due to its moisturizing and nourishing vitamins, it has a lot of benefits! It helps lighten dark undereye circles; helps lighten dark spots and pimple marks; helps prevent and lighten appearance of stretch marks; helps soften and lighten underarms; makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful; and lightens dark lips! This is basically the perfect oil out there for beautifying.

I do not like bombarding my skin with lots of products as my skin is quite sensitive and other products reacts badly on my skin. 

Doing these have made my skin soft and clear. It feels nice being able to take care of myself and it’s important to do this continuously. 

Yesterday, I bought a tint stick from The Face Shop and they gave me freebies in return. Stay tuned as I would give them a try! xx

This is me after finishing my skincare routine every night.

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